Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bringing it back to life

I've decided to start up on this again. Before it was mainly pics and a few words here and there, now it'll be mainly words and a few pics! You'll still be able to see all our photos at the normal place ( for the newest ones and the old ones at Sometimes pics just need more words to describe them, then we can also do a little of other stuff here too!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Landon's 2nd Birthday

For Landon's birthday we went to Edaville USA. It's basically a small amusement park with trains as the theme. There is a 2 mile train ride that we went on and he loved being able to run up and down the car (thankfully we went on it before the crowds hit!). Afterwards we went to dinner at Longhorn...he didn't like them singing to him though and stuck out his bottom lip big time, but sure did enjoy the ice cream! His party will be on Jan 5th with a Curious George theme.

2 years ago (well...12.30.05)

Playing with the train set at Edaville

"Has" table

Riding the carousel with Daddy

Jumbo the elephant ride

Oh my goodness...a pic of Mommy and Landon! On the train ride

"Up, Mommy"

The train we rode

Daddy and Doodle

At dinner using the seat as a trampoline

Mmm...messy ice cream!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Just before and Christmas 2007

Landon and Braden

Dan playing Wii with Skylar hanging out

One of Skylar's favorite places...up high in the tree

Santa came! Jeeze we must have been good this year!

The stockings were hung up the staircase with care

Landon opening his present from Lilly

Reading a new Thomas book from Nina

Playing with Aunt Amanda's toy

Running around hyped up on Hershey's kisses that he was sneaking (notice it's a theme the clothes slowly coming off throughout the day)

Jumping on his trampoline (Santa brought this a little early)

Playing with his new power drill from Uncle Marshall

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Today we adopted Skylar from a shelter in Plymouth that brings some animals to PetSmart. We saw her yesterday but did not have a chance to meet her as no one from NOAH was there. So today after I was given the day off we went up there, and were able to bring her home today! Landon is in love with her and keeps trying to give her his blankie and other things. Bronco seems a little scared and Grumman is trying to get to know her but so far hasn't had much of a chance (we haven't even been home 2hrs though). She is very patient with Landon even allowing him to pick her up.